Lineage OS gets a new logo, to start 2017 after the death of CyanogenMod

Lineage OS gets a new logo, to start 2017 after the death of CyanogenMod

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By /  02 Jan 2017 , 12:38

Lineage OS, the new custom ROM initiative that will replace the now shut CyanogenMod has gained a new logo to kick off 2017. This development comes right after the project gained an official Gerrit account to help developers keep a track of the modifications being done to the code. Active development has already started with people making changes in real-time to the code. This pace of rapid development is sufficient to dispell the concerns regarding the survival of the popular ROM development community.

The new logo was uploaded on Lineage OS Github account and later the website was updated with the logo. The logo maintains the almost cyan-like colour from Cyanogen and has a symbolic representation of ‘fork’. The fork here is not the one you need to eat salad but instead, the fork here represents the forks, also known as variations to the original code or software or Operating System in this case.

This fork probably symbolises the split, yet the survival after the downfall of CyanogenMod or it could even represent the entire Android landscape in addition to the Linux development landscape.

Linux, just like Android has numerous distributions and forks made by independent developers or organisations according to their needs. This comes right after the team behind Lineage OS detailed their needs to have Build Slaves, Build and Build Mirrors for the project to reach the functioning capacity that it boasted during its CyanogenMod days. The company detailed that it will share the information when Weeklies or possibly nightlies will start.


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