Tesla Autopilot predicts crash seconds before It happens

Tesla Autopilot predicts crash seconds before it happens

Tesla rolled out a new firmware update almost three months back in all the Tesla cars with Autopilot on the road as reported earlier. The new firmware version 8.0 brought a new radar processing technology to the cars. This was pushed by Tesla as an over-the-air update that is equipped with first generation Autopilot hardware.

According to Elon Musk, the company had boosted the radar present in the car to reduce the number and severity of the crashes that the car was involved in.

Even though the software update may not seem that significant to prevent car crashes, we stumbled upon a video from the dashboard of a Tesla traveling on a German Autobahn which gives a different perspective.

According to the video, the Tesla Model X shows the Autopilot’s forward collision sounding a warning bell predicting an accident in front of the car. What’s interesting is that there was no accident and the accident happens one second after the warning bell sounding as reported By electrek.

Another important thing is that the accident happened between the car in front on Tesla Model X and the car in front, of the front car. Tesla Model X was not involved in the accident.

This means that the autopilot’s forward collision system detected the accident even before the cars in front could detect it. This incident proves that new radar processing technology can track two cars ahead of your car while predicting any accident in between those two cars. The radar is capable of bouncing around the car in front to check the front car is not driving into any stationary object or obstacle. All of this processing in real time to ensure that it warns the drive one whole second early. According to the driver, the car started applying brakes before he could manually apply breaks bringing the speed from 115km/h to 85km/h.



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